Framingham State University’s Christa McAuliffe Center is reborn as a 21st Century interdisciplinary facility following nearly $8 million renovation

Framingham State University’s Christa McAuliffe Center is reborn as a 21st Century interdisciplinary facility following nearly $8 million renovation


When you walk into the Christa McAuliffe Center's newly renovated planetarium these days, you are just as likely to find health studies students meditating under the stars, 或者是艺术系学生在穹顶上回顾他们的原创作品, as you are to find an astronomy class deeply engaged in discussion on the origins of the universe.

This is the interdisciplinary vision of McAuliffe Center Director Irene 普罗 brought to life, following a major renovation that recently wrapped up at the facility, 位于十大网赌信誉平台校园的奥康纳大厅.

“新中心旨在为所有学科的学生提供服务, 不仅仅是在科学领域,博士说。. 普罗. "It allows us to serve a wider audience, in particular, more current FSU students."

The McAuliffe Center was created in 1994 as a way to honor FSU's beloved alumna Christa Corrigan McAuliffe ‘70, 第一位太空老师, 谁在1986年的挑战者号航天飞机事故中丧生. It includes a Challenger Learning Center – a fully immersive learning environment where thousands of students of all ages engage in simulated space mission each year – a 天文馆 and other multi-function spaces.

"The renovation work allowed us to highlight another key goal of the Center,博士说。. 普罗. "We leverage the unique perspective of seeing planet Earth from space to bring attention to the environmental changes our planet has suffered and to inspire the creative thinking we need to deal with the climate crisis."

The state provided nearly $5 million to redesign and modernize the aging facility. 该大学还获得了联邦资助, grants from the Massachusetts Cultural Council and the Massachusetts Skills Grant program to pay for the project, 总共花费了近800万美元.

学生 from around Massachusetts will resume taking field trips to the McAuliffe Center in February and FSU faculty have already begun exploring new ways to use the facility.

“我们所有的新空间都是多功能的。. 普罗说. "The mission control room in the Challenger Learning Center is a modern computer lab that could be used to host climate preparedness simulations or models of the stock market. 唯一的限制是我们的创造力和想象力."

The McAuliffe Center also provides paid internships and part-time employment to 11 current FSU undergraduate and graduate students.

“克里斯塔有句名言:‘太空属于每个人.' This new facility honors her legacy by allowing us to further expand the programs and resources offered here to all of our students, 他们是否在学习艺术, 人文学科, 业务, 社会科学或STEM,FSU主席南希·涅米说. "I'm grateful to the legislature – and particularly our local delegation, including Senate President Karen Spilka – for funding this important project."

麦考利夫中心是35个挑战者学习中心之一. 每年总共接触到数十万名学生, Challenger Center and its Challenger Learning 中心 carry on the legacy of the Challenger STS 51-L Crew, using experiential STEM education programs that bring STEM subjects to life and inspire students to pursue STEM careers. The McAuliffe Center's partnership with Challenger Center started in 1994 with the installation of our original Challenger Learning Center. 与挑战者中心合作, 原来的模拟器被删除了, a newly designed Challenger Learning Center experience was installed at the McAuliffe Center. The new Challenger Learning Center includes the same core spaces - Briefing Room, 任务控制, 和航天器-但具有所有新的装置, 硬件, 软件。, 音频/视频设备, 图形, 学生互动, 以满足当今学习者的需求和期望.

Grand Reopening celebrations will be held the last weekend in January leading up to the 38th Anniversary of the Challenger accident on January 28th. 它将包括:

  • 1月26日星期五 从上午十点半开始.m. 到中午:与州和地方官员的私人活动, 麦考利夫中心工作人员, 前苏联管理员, 挑战者中心的总裁兼首席执行官.
  • 1月27日星期六 从11点开始.m. 到下午4点.m.:开放供社区参观新空间, 去天文馆看表演, 欣赏八度之光的表演, 多元宇宙系列讲座, explore the Challenger Learning Center stations and labs under the direction of the Center's flight directors.
  • 1月28日星期日 从11点开始.m. 到1p.m.这个社区被邀请参加纪念日活动, 这将集中在克里斯塔和挑战者号的其他机组人员身上. 上午11点39分将举行默哀仪式.m.也就是事故发生的确切时间. An original piece of music composed by David Ibbett and written in honor of Christa will also be performed.  




The Christa McAuliffe Center is a vibrant educational facility established in 1986 to honor the legacy of the first teacher in space, 十大网赌信誉平台70届校友克里斯塔·麦考利夫. 今天, the Center functions as a hub for much of the University's informal STEM education activity and outreach serving students and educators across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and beyond. Since 1994, the Center has been serving between more than 12,000 K-16 students every year.  The Center hosts the only Challenger Learning Center in Massachusetts, 一个数字天文馆和一个展览厅. Framingham State is the first higher education institution to integrate a Challenger Learning Center on its campus.


作为科学领域的领导者, 技术, 工程, 数学(STEM)教育, 挑战者中心提供超过250种,000 students annually with experiential education programs that engage students in hands-on learning opportunities. 这些项目, 在挑战者学习中心和教室提供, strengthen knowledge in STEM subjects and inspire students to pursue careers in these important fields. Challenger Center was created by the Challenger families to honor the crew of shuttle flight STS-51-L. 有关挑战者中心的更多信息,请访问 www.挑战者号.org 或者连接上 Instagram, 脸谱网推特LinkedIn


Framingham State University was founded in 1839 as the nation’s first public university for the education of teachers. 从那时起, 它已经发展成为一个充满活力的, 综合性文科院校提供小, 在美丽的新英格兰校区开设个性化课程. 今天, 该大学招收6名学生,000 students with 58 undergraduate and graduate degree programs in the arts, 人文学科, 科学, 社会科学和专业领域. 州立学院和大学(SCU), 十大网赌信誉平台以其高质量的学术课程而自豪, 可购性, 并承诺为所有合格的学生提供入学机会.